July 7, 2015

Release 0.15.0 of stog is available from the Installation page.


For information you can see the source code of the page.

<post title="Stog 0.15.0"
Release 0.15.0 of stog is available from the <page href="/install"/> page.
<ul id="changes">
<li>require <ext-a href="https://zoggy.github.io/xtmpl/posts/xtmpl-0.12.html">Xtmpl</ext-a> &gt;= 0.12
 and <ext-a href="https://github.com/vbmithr/ocaml-websocket">OCaml-Websocket</ext-a> &gt;= 2.1,
<li><code>--host</code> and <code>--port</code> options are replaced by
  <code>--http</code>, <code>--ws</code>, <code>--public-http</code>
  and <code>--public-ws</code>, which accept urls as values. The <code>--public-...</code>
  options are used when the stog server is behing a proxy,</li>
<li>New plugins: <doc href="plugins/sitemap"/>, <doc href="plugins/nocaml"/>
   and <doc href="plugins/extern"/>,</li>
<li><doc href="posts/ocaml-sessions"><code>stog-ocaml-session</code></doc>
  now handles the <code>-ppx</code>, <code>-safe-string</code> and
  <code>-unsafe-string</code> options,</li>
<li><rule>doc-intro</rule> does not include "next" link with image; it is now
  in the default <code>doc-in-list</code> template,</li>
<li>use <ext-a href="https://zoggy.github.io/ocf">Ocf</ext-a> (0.3.0) instead of
  <ext-a href="http://config-file.forge.ocamlcore.org/">Config-file</ext-a>; as a
  consequence, previous <doc href="overview#config-file">configuration files</doc>
  must be translated to JSON syntax,</li>
<li>new tool <doc href="stog-tmpl"/> to generate web site skeletons,</li>
<li>new multiserver, with online editor.</li>