To build Chamo, you will need:

Install with Opam

To install with the Opam package manager, just type:

opam install chamo
Install from sources

Get the sources from git repository:

git clone

Or from one of the releases:

2.03 (2014-10-21)
  • move to safe strings (OCaml >= 4.02.0 required),
  • replace calls to deprecated functions,
  • fix warning when searching text,
  • fix #6 (chamo.byte could not use chamo modules),
  • fix png files (thanks to Jérôme Maloberti),
  • fix completion in open_file command.
2.02 (2013-02-13) Split (un)install targets to (un)install-lib and (un)install-bin, for Opam. Revert indentation lexer to previous state (better indentation of function calls). Still not perfect, though.
2.01 (2012-11-15) Upgrade to Lablgtk 2.16.0.
2.0 (2012-04-20) First release after extraction from Cameleon. Now use findlib.

Just type

make install
This will install chamo, chamo.byte and mk-chamo in the same directory as ocamlc. This will also install the chamo findlib package.